Petros has produced business leads for the UK Energy Company Obligation (ECO) since the funding started in Jan13. ECO has three elements to it, CSCO, CERO and HHCRO and Petros had generated leads for all of them. However, it is with HHCRO throughout ECO1, ECO2 and now ECO2T boiler leads that we have developed most experience and success.

HHCRO funding is based on specific personal benefits criteria that most Petros clients validate directly with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Unlike ECO1 and ECO2, ECO2T has 3 new qualifying benefits groups:

(1) ANY of 

State Pension Guaranteed Credit
Income related employment and support allowance
Income based job seekers allowance
Income support

OR (2) ‘Tax Credit’        Child Tax Credit +

Household Composition + Annual Gross Income           
1 Adult + up to £13,200, 1 Adult 1 Child + up to £17,400,
1 Adult 2 Child + up to £21,600,             1 Adult 3 Child + up to £25,800,
1 Adult 4+ Child + up to £30,000, 2 Adults + up to £19,800,
2 Adults 1 child + up to £24,000, 2 Adults 2 child + up to £28,200,
2 Adults 3 child + up to £32,400, 2 Adults 4+ child + up to £36,600.

OR (3) ‘Universal Credit’         Universal Credit +

Household Composition + Net Monthly Income
1 Adult + up to £1,100, 1 Adult 1 Child + up to £1,450,
1 Adult 2 Child + up to £1,800, 1 Adult 3 Child + up to £2,150,
1 Adult 4+ Child + up to £2,500,             2 Adults + up to £1,650,
2 Adults 1 child + up to £2,000, 2 Adults 2 child + up to £2,350,
2 Adults 3 child + up to £2,700, 2 Adults 4+ child + up to £3,050.

All Petros HHCRO boiler leads are fully qualified and delivered via our leading CRM system on-line. Lead information includes: full name, address and telephone contact details, best time to contact, homeowner or tenant (with landlord permission), property type, number of bedrooms, age of boiler (5+ years), fuel type and a memorable password (to increase lead recognition and loyalty when our clients contact them).

All HHCRO boilers leads have a comprehensive replacement policy that replaces validated returned leads to our Terms and Conditions.

Petros HHCRO boiler leads are the most difficult and exacting leads that we have produced. However, we are experts in the funding and have highly talented Indian and UK staff who have produced and quality controlled these leads for over 5 years.

Please contact us today with your requirements.

ECO2T HHCRO Gas Boiler

The majority of UK homes use Natural Gas ('Gas') that is piped into their properties and used predominately for heating and cooking.

"80% of the UK's 25 million homes are powered by gas" – British Gas (Nov16)

Under ECO1 and ECO2 there was significant funding made available for the replacement of Gas boilers and systems. But with the advent of ECO2T in Apr17, the funding has changed to focus on non-Gas and only limited funding is available for Gas boiler replacement. This limited funding is often kept internally by Utility companies and only passed on to a small number of installers.

Despite the focus on Non-Gas, Petros is keen to work with companies who still have HHCRO Gas funding. The ability to work on such campaigns, allows Petros to offset the cost of generating expensive HHCRO Non-Gas leads allowing more volume to be generated at the same cost to our Clients.

From the start of ECO2T, Petros produced a ratio of 1:1 for HHCRO Gas to HHCRO Non-Gas. However, with ever increasing costs and the scarcity of Non-Gas, most campaigns are now run on ratios of 3:1.

HHCRO Gas is very attractive to Petros and we prioritise supply based on clients who can give it –so please speak to us today if you have HHCRO Gas funding.

ECO2T HHCRO Non-Gas Boiler

Under ECO2T funding, HHCRO Non-Gas boiler leads are in high demand but are very difficult to generate. Such leads have become more and more limited as the 5 million or so UK Non-Gas properties are penetrated.

Petros produces HHCRO Non-Gas boilers meaning they have boiler types of Oil, LPG, Electric Storage Heaters (ESH), Coal or Wood. Note: Coal and Wood leads are qualified to ensure they wish to replace their existing boiler with Oil or LPG.

Campaigns are undertaken across all areas of England, Scotland and Wales. We are unable to undertake campaigns for specific postcodes due to the demand for these leads and the difficult nature of generating them.

Clients offering HHCRO Gas and other HHCRO measures are prioritised, again, due to demand and our production costs.

We look forward to working with you on this very demanding but rewarding lead type.


We strive to reach the right people, utilising rich and accurate consumer data and by generating exclusive, qualified leads that are always UK/Irish validated.

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