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From the early noughties, Petros has produced Loft Insulation (LI) and Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) leads to meet the exacting requirements of CERT in the UK.

With the arrival of ECO in 2013, we developed our expertise from insulation to boilers, and spent a few years catering for the demanding lead generation standards of CSCO, CERO and Green Deal.

But it has been with HHCRO that our experience and expertise has grown for over five years since CERT.

Ever since we started HHCRO LI and CWI in 2013, we have embraced this funding type. We initially re-trained our teams to provide boiler leads from CERT, and later to accommodate the minor modifications of ECO2 such as the change of income. For ECO2T, we also re-designed our practice again to incorporate the three new benefit streams, and the introduction of the Department of Work and Pensions checks. Throughout, Petros has been at the forefront of generating HHCRO leads for this particular part of the ECO funding.

Today, Petros develops the full plethora of ECO2T HHCRO leads including gas and non-gas boiler, LI, CWI and Room-In-Room (RIR) insulation leads amongst others. We are also providing innovation for our clients who are seeking to use Electric Storage Heater (ESH) HHCRO leads to develop high returns from RHI solutions for Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) and Biomass boilers.

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Exclusive Qualified Leads

We specialise in Exclusive Qualified Leads. This means that we generate business leads for you alone using top draw Indian and Worldwide call centres and non-incentivised Web sites. All lead contact adheres to local laws such as the UK TPS and DPA (and we are already making preparations for GDPR in 2018).

We further qualify these leads using English or Irish home based workers that have worked solely on your lead criteria over many years. Before any lead is sent to you, we will second check the local laws to ensure nothing has changed regarding the legal status of any lead. This gives the perfect combination of cost effective production, and local quality assurance with legal compliance from experienced and mature individuals.

All leads have a password that you can quote initially to improve marketing recognition, allowing leads to recall our previous conversations with them and improve your overall conversions with them.

We use a World-class CRM platform to deliver and manage our leads for you. You can also receive emails informing you of new, hot live leads as soon as they are confirmed by our quality department. By clicking on links within emails, you will be taken directly to leads within the CRM for you to make early contact.

We believe our leads and process is the best for generating Qualified Leads from telemarketing and on-line.

In this digital age, it doesn’t really matter if you are in Canary Wharf or the Caribbean; there are opportunities waiting to be grasped by entrepreneurs.

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We strive to reach the right people, utilising rich and accurate consumer data and by generating exclusive, qualified leads that are always UK/Irish validated.

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